Azure General Purpose Storgae v2 (GPv2)

Microsoft Just announced General Purpose Storage v2.

Until now we had general purpose storage that supported both: Blobs (page & blob), File Share, Que & Table storage.
We also had Blob storage that supported only, you guessed it, blobs.

So why not just use the general purpose. Well two reasons. The general purpose didn’t support cool blobs or Archive (lower tiers for backups, archives etc).
Also the use of blob storage via the general purpose account was slightly more expensive per GB though write operations were lower. Basically making it a mathematical nightmare to choose between general purpose storage account or blob storage account types.

The new GPv2 supports all storage types similar to GPv1. However it also supports both hot, cool and archive blobs. So basically all of the features of both of the previous storage account types are supported under the new GPv2. pricing per GB for blob is the same as with the blob storage account (cheaper that GPv1) however write operations are charged at the higher rates that were charged for GPv1.

All newly created storage accounts now default to GPv2 and Microsoft is recommending to create all new storage accounts using GPv2 and to convert existing storage accounts to GPv2.
The conversion process is very simple, simply click on the existing storage account, click on configuration and you will see a button labeled “Upgrade” you will be asked to confirm the storage account name and thats it.

I’ll explain in my next post the difference between Hot, Cool & Archive blobs and how to use them.