Azure V2 is now the default portal

For those who have worked with Azure already you’ve probably seen the link for the preview portal?

Well the preview portal is now more or less out of preview. I say more or less as some services such as Azure AD will still redirect you back to the classic portal.

However most services such as Virtual Machines, Networking, SQL… can now be fully managed through the new portal.

The new portal isn’t just a portal it’s partly a new Azure and is being referred to as Azure V2.

There a re many functionality changes the main being that we now cluster recourses into a resource group (AKA – ARM – Azure Resource Manager) to allow for lifecycle management of shared resources.
This in a way replaces the former Cloud Service.

Also Networking is rebuilt from the ground up, objects such as load balancers and nics which provide a lot of flexibility in how you design your resources.
Allowing us to separately manage traffic rules per ARM, VM, nic or load balancer.

Unfortunately current VM’s and resources created in Cloud Service are still managed through the classic portal. Only newly created VM’s created in the new portal (or Powershell) and odcourse deployed to ARM can be managed from the New portal.

My understanding is that Microsoft is working on a migration path to the New model.

Let’s hope they make this available to us soon.