New De-Dupe features coming to Windows 2016

In its current beta Windows 2016 offers new Dew-Dupe features and rumors say that more are to come.

What we currently know is the following:

1. Volume size of up to 64 TB will be supported.

In Windows 2016 the recommended limit was 10 TB mainly due to processing rates. The new De-Dupe has a new engine with multiple threads supported to improve performance.

2. File sizes up to 1 TB are good.

Although supported in Windows 2012, again not recommended because of performance issues. In Windows 2016 1TB file sizes are good to go (DE-Dupe).

3. New type of DE-Dupe scenario – Backup.

Windows 2012R2 supported general File Server & virtualization (VDI) De-Dupe.

Not sure exactly what the improvement here is, but we’re promised better performance for De-Duping backup files. Can’t wait to try it out with Veeam.



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