Windows Server Technical Preview – What I’m looking forward to

With the new Windows Server Technical Preview released there are a number of new features regarding Hyper-V that I am particularly excited about.

The number one feature that I’m happy about is the Rolling Cluster upgrade.
Finally we can perform zero downtime upgrades to our Hyper-V Clusters. Basically a rolling upgrade allows us to add a new Windows server technical preview hyper-V node to an existing Windows 2012R2 Hyper-V Cluster.
We can the then live migrate the VM’s to the new node and remove/format the old windows 2012R2 nodes. Very cool and about time.

The Second great feature is Storage Replica.

Now this is not strictly a Hyper-V feature but comes as great use for Hyper-V. storage Replica allows block-level, synchronous replication between servers for disaster recovery and this in turn will allow the creation of a stretched cluster for high availability. So just think you can now stretch your Hyper-V Cluster between two locations (providing you have a gigabit connection between the two sites) with a dedicated set of data in each location. Just then of The DR/HA Scenarios possible using out of the box technology.

My third favorites is the new checkpoint mechanism in Hyper-V. Basically making checkpoints VSS aware to allow for a totally supported recovery of A VM using built-in Hyper-V Checkpoints.

This is of course all tip of the iceberg stuff, but defiantly some great improvements worth waiting for.


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