SCVMM Network Builder


I think one of the most frequently requested support calls I get are for help configuring Networking using SCVMM. SCVMM is an extremely powerful tool with many advanced networking capabilities, however it does take a bit of getting use to. To help us out with this a couple of interns, yes that’s right interns, at Microsoft have built a little SCVMM add in to help us out. You can download the add in from Microsoft.

Now as this is developed by interns we cant be sure of its future but lets hope it stays around.

After importing the add in to SCVMM you;ll see a new button named build a network.

Network builder11

Clicking on this Icon will open a wizard to help you set up you virtual network/logical switch

The first screen will connect to your SCVMM environment  and give you a quick brief of what you can perform.

Network builder2

The next screen asks you if you would like to create a management network. If you click yes it will create a virtual Nic and assign it a static IP for management. If this is a production Host then you more than likely already have management networks set up and in place so you can choose no.

Network builder3

Choose a name for your logical network. If for instance you are hosting networks for multiple tenants then you can use your tenants name to represent the network and later this network will contain all Vlans for that tenant.

Network builder4

Configure Networks/Vlans that this logical switch will use. In this example I created 3 separate networks all with separate VLand ID’s. You can also configure a static IP pool for each network. This can be used when deploying new Virtual Machines.

Network builder5

In the final step you can apply the logical switch to an existing Uplink port profile (or do it manually later) and create a script to apply the settings to a host (or again perform this manually later).


Network builder6

If you choose to apply the settings to a host you will be prompted with an additional screen asking you which hosts to apply to and using which NICs.

Network builder7

Thats it, you can now see all the Logical Networks in the SCVMM networking.

Network builder88



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