Savision Cloud Advisor

I’ve Just been checking out Savision Products.

They have two great products.

1. Live Maps – A SCOM Extension for improved dashboards.
Or as the manufacture says “Live Maps is a powerful, unifying tool for monitoring service health and performance, bringing IT and business together by letting them speak the same language”

2. Cloud Reporter –  A Capacity planning/monitoring solution for Hyper-V.
Or as the manufacture says “Cloud Reporter for System Center is a robust capacity planning solution for private clouds based on Microsoft’s Hyper-V. Plan for the future and meet your service level objectives, with the ability to predict when memory, processors and storage resources will be exhausted”

Both these products work great and are very interesting. in my case the cloud reporter especially, as I have customers who are constantly creating, changing, deleting and adding new VM’s to theire environment and they need a products that can keep track and warn them of capacity issues.

However they also have a 3rd product call Cloud Advisor. Now the first thing to note is that Cloud provider is a totally free Product. It’s basically a small add-in for System Center Virtual Machine Manager. Installation is very simple, simply download the zip file from Savision, navigate to setting tab in VMM, and choose the option to import an add-in.


Once installed an Icon named Tuning Tips is added to the navigation Bar. Simply clicking this icon will present you with various warning & tips regarding your environment.

This includes warning such as; Present checkpoints on VM’s, sufficient memory, sufficient disk space etc.


It’s a great little program that is totally free. defiantly worth a download and import into your SCVMM environment.


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