New Veeam Explorers Just Announced

A few weeks ago I blogged about the new Veeam Explorer for Active Directory.

Veeam have just announced the addition of another Explorer, Veeam Explorer For SQL.

This is a great addition, as we will now have the capability to perform SQL granular level restores without the need for a running virtual machine, as was the case when using Veeam Virtual Lab.

In addition to the SQL explorer Veeam also announced that Transaction log based level backup for SQL will also be supported in upcoming version 8, allowing both point in time backups and recovery of SQL databases.

SQL Transactional backup

In addition to the new Veeam explorer for SQL, Veeam Explorer for Exchange is also being updated. the updated version adds:

  • The ability to recover hard deleted Items
  • Restore to online archive mailboxes
  • 1 click recovery using the web-based portal

All this is great news, as it means Veeam has evolved from a great virtual machine backup tool to a great all around Microsoft backup tool. The new explorers allow us to perform granular recovery of nearly all Microsoft based products (databases: SQL, Exchange, Active Directory & Sharepoint). and we can of course still use the Veeam Virtual Lab to assist with the recovery process of any other database that is not supported by a Veeam Explorer.

You can find the Veeam Explorer update here


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