A few thoughts on Nadella

A new CEO has been bought into Microsoft. An inside promotion for Satya Nadella.
Now I usually write technology, but with all the reports and ideas floating around I felt urged to add my two pennies to it all.
All over the Internet are recommendations as to how Nadella should “save” Microsoft.
Sell off Xbox, Nokia & surface, ditch BING, purchase RIM and the list goes on and on.

However one that stood out to me was a recommendation that Microsoft should build a new OS for the masses that isn’t Windows. Basically claiming to fully separate the corporate OS from the personal OS. Now I couldn’t Disagree More. Microsoft’s original climb to fame was that they were in every household and school making it easy for corporate adoptions as users were already familliar with the software. separating the corporate and personal software into separate families would lose this cause Microsoft to lose this edge.  Microsoft’s current OS problem isn’t corporate Vs personal, It’s touch tablet or PC. Corporate today require’s both touch devices and regular PC’s, The same goes for home use aswell. Maybe corporate is 80% PC & 20% touch and home is vice versa but both technologies are still required. Microsoft need to fix the OS to either fully and comfortably support both or separate touch OS from PC OS. I think the first idea is better personally. If the OS becomes PC (keyboard) friendly and fully touch usable on a tablet device then Microsoft will have a winning card in their trump.

There are so many thing that Nadella could change, and there are so many things that he probably won’t want to or need to touch. Lets wish him the best of luck and hope for more exciting innovations to come out of Microsoft.


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