Disk2vhd 2 released

Disk2vhd 2 has been released. Those who know this hand little tool that converts disks to vhd format. It can be quite useful for P2V Conversions, now I preferred SCVMM for P2V but unfortunately version 2012R2 no longer supports the function, so its back to Disk2vhd.

The new version adds support for the VHDX format, which is very useful, especially as the last time I used the tool I had to perform the conversion and then spend additional time converting the VHD to VHDX.

The tool is released under “Sysinternals” which although belongs to Microsoft means that it’s an unsuported tool.
you can grab the download over here


3 thoughts on “Disk2vhd 2 released

  1. That’s good news, do you know if it supports 2012/2012 R2 converstion?

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