No you can’t install Remote Desktop Services on a windows 2012 Domain Controller

I had a customer call me today saying that he had set up a small test environment and that his installation of Remote Desktop services was failing. Upon investigation it turned out that he was trying to install the remote desktop services on a Domain Controller. This has never been a good idea because a domain controller is not the server that you want to have users crawling around on and Domain Controllers don’t have local groups so your going to have to provision everything using Active Directory buitlin groups.

Anyway since the release of Windows 2012 you can not deploy Remote Desktop services with out a connection broker. Yes even if you only have a single Remote Desktop host you still need a broker. And the broker can not be installed on a domain controller.
So sure you could install the broker on a separate server and the Remote Desktop host on the Domain controller but if you have a second server your better off deploying the remote desktop host in that server.

Anyway I’m going to be offline for the next week or so. Hope you don’t get bored with out me 🙂


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