Hyper-v 2012R2 Dedupe

I can’t believe that I forgot to mention this feature in my previous blog.
The data deduplication feature that was introduced in windows server 2012 now also supports running Hyper-V VM’s.
In windows server 2012 this feature was mainly aimed at file servers or offline VM’s.
In Windows server 2012R2 it is going to support running VM’s. Just think about it you’ll be able to perform deduplication on whole VM’s.
From personal experience deduplication of a windows file server with 1TB of files usually saves between 250-300GB of space. I can’t wait to see how much space it’s going to save on VM’s.
Now you may be saying to yourself “well that sounds nice but what about performance”. well the new dedupliaction feature will actually cache deduplicated blocks therefor actually improving server performance.
Now what more could you ask for? It’s both space saving and a performance booster.


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