Windows 2012R2 Coming

First of all this my first blog.
Hopefully the first of many to come.
As you can tell from the header this blog will focus mainly on Hyper-V & Exchange Server.

For those who havn’t heard yet the next version of windows server has hit preview. Formally know as Windows Server 2012 R2.
And with it we have a heap of great new features.
I’m going to outline the the main new features of Hyper-V in this blog.

  • First off we have the abillity to resize a VHDX disk while the vm is online – Thats a really handy feature, especially if your like me and like to start small and let things grow.
  • Shared virtual hard disk is also a great new feature allowing us to share VHDX disks simultainously between two VM’s – that meens we can now create clusters using VM’s with just VHDX disks.
  • A new enhanced session mode allows us improved console performance on VM’s. The new console supports Audio, Printers, Clipboard, Smart Cards, USB & Plug & Play – thats basically an RDP console.
  • Another great feature is automatic VM activation. Any copy of windows Server 2012R2 running on an activated windows server 2012 Datacenter Hyper-V host is automatically activated.
  • Hyper-V replica has also been greatly improved. You now have the option to replicate to Azure or other from of cloud based service, Replica frequency is no longer a fixed value and can be manually configured.

There are many other improvments to Hyper-V but I’ve outlined the Major ones in this post.
Stay tuned for upcoming posts on other great windows 2012R2 features.


One thought on “Windows 2012R2 Coming

  1. Wow. sounds great. I’ll definatlly be considering a vm to hyper-v switch over.

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